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Kate is an oil painter and flower farmer now living full time with her partner John, at their historic home, Chatham Flower Farm on the Eastern Shore of VA.

I paint what is in my world around me. To better experience that world within me and to express it on a deeper level. Painting is a very deep & personal process. I love knowing that a painting may give another a feeling, a connection , remind them of a journey traveled and then they relive those memories. So many times I will be in a place , look around , take in the view and tell myself " I will paint this."

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My preferred medium has always been oils and watercolors. My techniques and methods have taken a significant transformation since I started.

Each piece of work becomes a mix of invention, personal experience and memories. I want my clients to see a painting and apply their own visions & memories into each piece. I have learned & honed my craft in my studio, als time spent in study with other artists, mostly painting still lifes and landscapes drawn directly from nature.

Over time, I became more aware of the abstract aspects of the landscape form and began to pursue a less representational , more expressive style. I strive for simplicity in the work; in color , form , composition and subject matter. Each painting begins with preliminary sketches and colors noted on site , but the work takes shape in my studio after a thought process that allows memory , feel and emotion to guide the work . I look around and I'm inspired daily. It pulls me to paint these images onto canvas.


Milby BarnStudio

“I’m Going To Make Everything Around Me Beautiful,

That Will Be My Life."

~ Elsie De Wolfe.

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